Registration for CE October 29,2016 featuring Michelle Simmons

We are pleased to announce that our next Contiuniung Education seminar is Saturday October 29, 2016 featuring Michelle Simmons. Her topic is: ‘Investigating the Quality and Use of Indices in Dental Hygiene Process of Care’. Please follow the link to download a registration form: michelle-simmondsoct-2016

The CDHO Standards of Practice indicate the RDH is responsible for choosing the appropriate tools for the assessment phase of process of
care. The ‘tools’ selected for assessment data collection must be objective and provide accuracy and measurability for both the initial baseline,
analysis and all subsequent evaluations. The tools for the A of ADPIE will set the stage for all the steps of process of care. Careful consideration
needs to be given to the selection of quality indices. How does the RDH assess the current indices used in practice for effectiveness?
Where does a RDH research all possible types of indices? New indices? In the pool selection of indices the RDH also needs to make decisions
of what needs to be measured to support Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (NSPT). Not all indices fit all practice types as well as client
demographics. A high level of critical thinking is required for the RDH to select the appropriate indices to ensure the function of the indices is
synthesising necessary data. Indices also revolve around proper documentation for legalities as well as accurate retrieval of data to educate
clients on their progress and status of oral health. This course will also review the new ADPIE + D recently released in Darby and Walsh’s 4th
Edition Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice.