Saturday November 1, 2014 Professional development

“The Social Determinants of Health” by Sandy Lawlor click here to download registration formSandra M Lawlor front-01
Seminar Outline:

It is surprising to most people that the primary factors that shape and determine the health of Canadians are not medical treatments or lifestyle choices. Research solidly shows it is the living conditions they experience that most influence their health. These conditions are known as the social determinants of health.
As dental hygienists, we are committed to improving the health of our clients but how often do we use the social determinants of health to enhance our assessments or make an accurate diagnosis? The CDHO Standards of Practice require us to incorporate using the social determinants of health into our practices.
This seminar will:

· teach you to recognize the social determinants of health

· make you aware of CDHO’s requirement to use the social determinants of health in your practice

· show you how to integrate those findings into your assessment and dental hygiene diagnosis

· provide you with an activity/exercise to show how to incorporate these findings into your practice

· offer resources for further research